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NOAA awards $10M+ in contracts to Ecopia AI for nationwide geospatial climate resilience program

Ecopia AI today announced that it was awarded $10 million in contracts ($7.8M USD), with an additional $6 million ($4.6M USD) in options, by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to create high-precision mapping data which will support coastal landcover mapping and climate resilience initiatives. The work will be supported by four prime contractors on NOAA's Coastal Geospatial Services Contract (CGSC) including Woolpert, Dewberry, Tetra Tech, and NV5 Geospatial (formerly Quantum Spatial).

For decades, NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management (OCM) has produced consistent, accurate landcover data at a resolution of 10 - 30 meters, however, in recent years has experienced increasing demand for more precise data to better support decision-making at the local level. In response, the OCM has partnered with Ecopia to leverage its ability to generate highly-accurate, comprehensive, large-scale mapping data. This partnership will deliver Impervious, Low and High Vegetation Canopy, and Water classifications for the coastal areas of the contiguous U.S and the entire State of Alaska. These high-precision mapping products will bolster NOAA’s efforts in producing 1-meter publicly accessible raster landcover products for the nation.

In addition to these large-scale efforts, Ecopia will support NOAA’s partner agencies at the federal, state, and local levels by providing them with a variety of unique landcover maps. The data will be instrumental in supporting a variety of issues beyond just coastal and climate resiliency, including:

  • Flood mapping & stormwater utility planning

  • Green infrastructure deployment

  • Public safety and emergency response management

  • Conservation and climate change mitigation

  • Land use planning and deriving landscape pattern metrics, including urban heat maps

“We’re excited to partner with Ecopia AI to support this important nationwide geospatial initiative,” said Nicholas Schmidt, Science and Geospatial Services Division Chief with NOAA. “Ecopia’s ability to create unique detailed, accurate mapping layers at scale and with speed is key. The dataset that Ecopia will provide is a fundamental and innovative step in the fight against climate change, flooding, threatened public access to natural resources, habitat loss, storm preparedness and recovery, and vulnerable infrastructure and populations. We are excited to build upon this data as part of our Coastal Change Analysis Program and look forward to making those layers available via our Digital Coast site.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with NOAA and provide the foundational geospatial data for their strategic efforts in climate resiliency, and support their transition to sustained high-resolution landcover mapping,” said Brandon Palin, Senior Director of Public Sector & International Development. “This effort highlights Ecopia’s reputation as a trusted partner. We are excited to see the value of our data as it empowers enterprise decision-making to combat some of the world’s biggest challenges including climate change and sustainability.”

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