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Northtelecom expands to new markets

The source of Northtelecom’s overall strategy is to provide greater efficiency to customers by expanding its global reach. This strategy was evident when Northtelecom established a foothold in Europe by establishing a Teleport in Germany, setting up an office in Singapore, and acquiring two foreign companies: ScopeTel in Malaysia and MMB in Italy.

In 2022, Northtelecom will continue to expand by strengthening its foothold in the GCC region. This coming year, Northtelecom will set up shop in Saudi Arabia. This foothold will allow the organization to cater to a growing and evolving Saudi market.

Northtelecom is also in the works to expand to Kuwait. The Kuwaiti market has growth potential, and the organization is committed to providing services and dedicated top-of-class customer service to encourage this growth potential.

Northtelecom will always consider the customer’s needs one of the central values that drive the business.

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