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NSSLGlobal wins major contract with German Armed Forces

NSSLGlobal has today been awarded a contract by the German Armed Forces to supply 60 custom-made 1.5m VSAT RBM terminals for the SATCOM BW ST-II Project.

In April 2020 NSSLGlobal was awarded a long-term framework contract to supply satellite services across all entities of the German Armed Forces – including the Navy, Army and Airforce.

Henrik Christensen, CEO, NSSLGlobal GmbH added, “We’re delighted to expand our partnership with the German Armed Forces. To win a contract against an incumbent supplier is always difficult. This contract will enable the German Armed Forces to send and receive - voice, data and video information, and process it quickly to make informed decisions. We’re excited that our solutions will help these teams in real-time.”

Sally-Anne Ray, Group CEO, NSSLGlobal says, “This is a highly significant win for the NSSLGlobal Group. It demonstrates we understand the needs of our government customers and can deliver the appropriate expertise and equipment across both commercial and military communications.”

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