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OFFICINA STELLARE awarded new contract by PHOTO-SONICS Inc., supplying next-gen optical systems

Officina Stellare SpA, with headquarters in Sarcedo (Vicenza), listed on the Euronext Growth Market (EGM) of the Italian Stock Exchange, specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-technology optomechanical system instrumentation for the Aerospace, Scientific Research and Defense-related domains, announces that it has been selected by PSI (Photo-Sonics, Inc.), after an accurate market investigation, as the qualified supplier for the large number of short and long-range telescopes, operating both in the visible and infrared spectrum, necessary for the execution of the MITS project (Multispectral Imaging and Tracking System) launched in 2019 by the US Army.

The supply program for the optical systems by Officina Stellare will develop over a span of about 5 years, for a total value of approximately 9 million Euros, and will start with the signed contract covering the first two years subset deliveries, which amounts approximately to 3.3 Million Euro.

The in-house availability of all design, production, integration and quality verification phases, has turned out to be the winning strategy for Officina Stellare. The control over scheduled times, flexibility and optimization of the production process, together with risks minimization are in fact key features in the world of Defense.

Photo-Sonics has been a U.S. Army supplier of optical tracking equipment for over 70 years. Based on this consolidated relationship of trust, in the first months of 2019, PSI has signed a contract worth over $ 27 million for all stages of development of the new multispectral monitoring and imaging system called MITS. The project was born in the TReX division of the National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL) based in Arlington, Virginia. NTSXL itself, will provide support and assistance for the duration of the project.

Specifically, Officina Stellare optical systems will be used on the Fly-Out and Close-In instruments, in order to create a system capable of combining the requests for high precision and high accuracy demanded by the American Army.

“We are extremely pleased with this milestone, which is the result of a close collaboration with the customer and mutual growth, which started almost ten years ago,” said Gino Bucciol, VP of Business Development and Co-Founder of Officina Stellare.”

“This outstanding result comes in after years of optical and mechanical technologies developments required to meet the needs of this specific application in the defence sector, and the close collaboration with Photo-Sonics has been of great importance in this context. I am happy to say that Officina Stellare is now one of the very few global players qualified to serve customers for this type of product and I am sure this acquisition will pave the way to other similar opportunities"


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