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OHB Luxspace inks contract with Exotrail for ExoMG electric propulsion system aboard Triton-X Heavy

Exotrail signed a contract with Luxembourg-based satellite manufacturer OHB Luxspace for a co-engineering phase aiming the further integration of ExoMG™ - cluster², a configuration of Exotrail’s high thrust and flexible electric propulsion product family, into the Triton-X Heavy platform.

This co-engineering phase comes as part of the development of a next generation of multi-mission microsatellite platform by OHB LuxSpace, in the frame of the ESA’s programme of Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES), to enable affordable regional and global LEO satellites constellations.

On this occasion, Sébastien Duménil, Exotrail’s Chief Commercial Officer comments: “We are thrilled to be embarked into Triton-X Heavy project, a microsatellite European flagship program and to welcome OHB Luxspace into ExoMG™ fast growing customer base. This first contract paves the way of future large constellation deployments for which in-space mobility and manoeuvrability become a critical requirement.”

ExoMG™, and its nano, micro and cluster product configurations, is Exotrail space-proven Hall-Effect electric propulsion system for satellites ranging from 10 to 300kg. Thanks to its high level of thrust and modularity, ExoMG™ drastically improves satellite deployment, increases service performances and contributes to reduce space pollution. ExoMG™ has already been selected by commercial and institutional customers in Europe, Asia and North America (CNES, AAC Clyde Space, ESA, YORK SPACE SYSTEMS and others) whereas ExoMG™ - cluster² is a system configuration baselined on 3 different microsat platforms for both LEO and cislunar missions.

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