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ORBCOMM launches next-generation IoT solution for data-driven refrigerated container operations

ORBCOMM Inc., a global provider of Internet of things (IoT) solutions, has announced the launch of its CT 3500 IoT telematics device, the next evolution in smart management of refrigerated containers and their cargoes, enabling end-to-end, remote visibility and control of containerized assets and shipments on land, rail and sea. ORBCOMM’s data-driven refrigerated container solution features enhanced functionality, analytics capabilities, connectivity options and interoperability with third-party telematics devices to help shippers and carriers around the world drive efficiencies in reefer container logistics.

ORBCOMM’s solution provides customers with remote, two-way control of reefers to monitor critical parameters and take quick, corrective action to adjust temperature, humidity, Controlled Atmosphere settings, cold treatment and more, all from a centralized location. Customers can set customizable alerts that notify excursions to specified reefer temperature, humidity and Controlled Atmosphere levels, equipment malfunctions, route deviations and unauthorized door opening, helping to ensure cargo quality and compliance and mitigate costly claims.

ORBCOMM’s new reefer container monitoring solution also helps reduce delays, save costs and optimize turn times by allowing carriers to run virtual pre-trip inspections of reefer containers. The device integrates seamlessly with ORBCOMM’s ReeferConnect and VesselConnect platforms to show real-time reefer location, status, alerts and other critical data insights through a single view for better decision making, business planning and service levels.

The state-of-the-art device features ORBCOMM’s Global SIM for unmatched LTE coverage and supports a wide range of wireless technologies, including LoRa, Bluetooth 5 and NFC in alignment with DCSA standards. It has optional satellite IoT connectivity through ORBCOMM’s external satellite modem for uninterrupted, cost-effective communications. The device supports a variety of wireless sensors, which deliver additional actionable insights, including door, temperature and cargo status.

The device’s powerful battery enables remote download of data logs even when the reefer is not on power. It can be installed quickly, either permanently or temporarily for monitoring guest reefers and single trips on a vessel, at a port or in the yard. In addition, customers have access to a user-friendly app to simplify installation, troubleshooting and provisioning of the device and additional sensors.

“ORBCOMM’s latest innovation in reefer container telematics demonstrates our leadership in developing feature-rich technology solutions that meet the evolving needs of the shipping industry’s complex supply chains,” said Al Tama, ORBCOMM’s Vice President of Container and Port Solutions. “The enhancements we’ve made to our refrigerated container solution deliver advanced temperature management capabilities and streamlined container operations to help customers make data-driven business decisions, while improving profitability and the customer experience.”


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