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Orbital Assembly Corporation exceeds US$1 million in funding for artificial gravity space station

Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) the leader in providing artificial gravity technologies enabling humanity to work, play and thrive in the space ecosystem has raised an additional US$1 million to advance its space station facility development.

The company raised the funds on the Netcapital (Reg CF) crowdfunding site after its first successful funding round in 2021. This round is scheduled to close at the end of February.

“Exceeding US$1 million gives the company the opportunity to fill key positions and focus on attracting larger investors and strategic partners,” says Rhonda Stevenson, chief executive office of Orbital Assembly. “In addition to offering habitation for tourism, we are pursuing companies in industries that can benefit from space manufacturing including semiconductors, data communications and pharmaceuticals.”

Although long term space habitation without gravity results in numerous health issues and lacks standard earthly comforts, OAC is the only company pursuing a space station with gravity. The structure overcomes this obstacle by producing its own simulated gravity with slow rotation.

The Pioneer Station architecture is modular and allows for rapid expansion. As demand for leasable space on the station grows, the hotel component will host a more diverse population of visitors, and result in a lower cost per person.


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