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Reticulate Micro and Quantropi announce exclusive partnership

Reticulate Micro and Quantropi announce exclusive partnership

Reticulate Micro and Quantropi, a Canadian cybersecurity company, have announced an exclusive partnership to jointly market their firms’ video encoding and quantum security technologies to the defense and encoding markets.

Quantropi’s flagship QiSpace™ platform will provide post-quantum cryptographic capabilities for Reticulate’s VAST™ video compression product and VisionOS™ development platform that serves as a common building block for all Reticulate products. VAST™ is designed to excel in low-bandwidth environments, delivering high-quality video for reduced network loads. Under the agreement, both firms can market their solutions as an integrated offering to defense and commercial customers.

The Reticulate-Quantropi partnership comes as the U.S. National Security Agency warns that advances in quantum technology could crack encryption systems used to protect everything from financial transactions to nuclear weapon arsenals. In fact, the asymmetric encryption methods used to protect virtually all digital data and communications could be completely undermined by quantum and artificial intelligence advances as early as next year.

“The standard encryption models today are under threat. We have a solution, and are looking ahead with our partner, Quantropi, to establish quantum-level security and trust,” says Joshua Cryer, president and CEO of Reticulate Micro.

Quantropi was founded by quantum physicists with the revolutionary idea of applying quantum science to classical information security. QiSpace is a drop-in replacement for current encryption solutions that can now be used for a wide array of applications, including video.

“Quantropi’s approach allows us to rapidly deploy Post-Quantum solutions in familiar encryption schemes – no need to rip and replace existing workflows,” said John Dames, CTO of Reticulate Micro.

Noting that the firms have already validated QiSpace’s effectiveness with Reticulate’s VAST software, Dames indicated their plans to apply the same approach to defeat deep fakes by creating quantum trust in digital hashing.

“Quantropi’s flagship QiSpace quantum security platform was created to mitigate the increasingly powerful threat of quantum computing and artificial intelligence to today’s encryption technology,” concludes Jame Nguyen, Quantropi’s chief executive officer. “I am ecstatic that our exclusive partnership with Reticulate Micro will bring QiSpace’s best-in-class security and performance to Reticulate’s portfolio of video and communications solutions.”


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