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Satcube building mass production, state-of-art, production facility for satellite terminals

Satcube, a fast-growing European technology company that develops lightweight terminals to provide satellite broadband, announces it is building a new facility for mass production of satellite terminals, both for existing product verticals and new ventures for LEO and vehicular applications. The new state-of-the-art facility will be completed July 1st, with a production timeline aimed at mid-August.

Harnessing core CSR principles and Satcube’s benchmark manufacturing approach, the new facility will feature automated and semi-automated production founded on Green Lean Digital and Agile processes. Combining these forward-leaning standards with an increased level of production line automation will enable Satcube to quickly scale up manufacturing to accommodate high volume terminals orders - while simultaneously keeping production costs low in a winning scenario for customers and the company’s long-term strategy.

-“Satcube achieved an impressive 140% increase in revenue from 2021 to 2022 and is already serving major NGO’s, media brands, military, and governments agencies, confirms Jakob Kallmér, CEO at Satcube. Due to significantly increased demand for Satcube products, we have nearly reached maximum production capacity in existing facilities.”

-“With a nearly three-fold increase in production available at our new facility, Satcube will be able to deliver substantial new volumes while tapping a highly automated production line to shorten time between order and delivery, continues Kallmér. The new, highly agile setup will enable Satcube to both rapidly and seamlessly establish production of new products and deliver on custom orders with specialized requirements.”

The EU and the European Satellite Association alike currently actively support and encourage initiatives to develop strong regional supply chains within the EU as many products are sourced from other parts of the world. Satcube’s already established local production principles are well aligned with supporting a growing regional EU supply chain, tapping local technology, research, development, employment opportunities, and production.

-“When manufacturing complex high-tech products that require expert engineering, it is without a double a major advantage to offer close proximity between development and manufacturing departments,” says, Henrik Strandén, COO & Production Manager at Satcube.

-“This hands-on, integral, close approach and focus on teamwork leads to higher quality products and shorter time to market for new products, confirms Strandén. There are far more benefits to having in-house manufacturing, including full control of supply chain stability, waste management, working conditions and safety standards. Through our strategy, we are able to realize a cost-efficient and reliable supply chain for our customers.”

Satellite 2023 Conference & Expo, March 14th-16th in D.C.: Spokespersons from Satcube will be on-site at the Satellite 2023 expo in Washington at Exhibit Halls A & B, Stand 1760, to share details on its local sourcing strategy and growth plans. In addition, demonstrations of the light-weight, portable Satcube Ku satellite terminal will be available during the expo.


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