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Satellite Evolution Group launches Hiring Institute Platform

Satellite Evolution Group, the global provider of Space and Satellite related news announced that it has collaborated with US-based Boxwood Strategies to launch a new and exciting hiring platform for the satellite and space sector.

Located in the Greater Washington DC Region, Boxwood Strategies has developed a proven, deliberately different, hiring process which has been very successful within the Space and Satellite Sector.

The Hiring Institute combines the established Satellite Evolution Group global reach with the proven Boxwood hiring solution. The Hiring Institute’s unique approach provides the hiring manager with a step-by-step explanation and execution of the Boxwood Process. While most of the well-known online hiring sites simply match resumes with candidates, The Hiring Institute walks the hiring manager through the full details of the execution of the hiring process.

Over the next few weeks, The Hiring Institute will be adding a module designed to provide training to hiring managers to execute the proven steps of the Boxwood Process.

“Thousands of talented Space and SATCOM professionals read Satellite Evolution’s publications and industry news daily. We are pleased to provide a dynamic solution for employers and jobseekers specifically immersed in our industry”, said Jill Durfee, Publisher of Satellite Evolution Group. “By implementing our process, the Hiring Institute provides an efficient, effective, and enjoyable experience to jobseekers and employers through the straightforward process to hire the right fit in expertise, skill, and personality.”

“In my 40 years of functional business experience, I have not seen any on-line hiring solution that dives into the execution of hiring and walks the hiring manager through the steps toward a successful hiring outcome”, said Bert Sadtler, President of Boxwood Strategies.

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