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Savox Communications launches IMPW, wireless intercom system for critical missions

Savox Communications launches IMPW, wireless intercom system for critical missions

Savox Communication is launching a game-changing intercom system, which will bring a situational Sixth Sense into team operations: the Savox IMPW.

The Savox IMPW is an intercom system with wireless capability, designed to withstand the harshest conditions in both civilian and combat missions, ensuring uninterrupted communications. The new Savox IMPW system incorporates the Savox IMP system, the Savox WIM (Wireless Interface Module) and a specific number of Savox WPCU’s (Wireless Personal Communication Units). Natural and near-lag-free audio makes it easy for troops to maintain, acquire more, and share situational awareness within the group or with others, both within the vehicle or vessel and in its immediate vicinity. The Savox IMPW wireless intercom system ensures smooth cooperation between the team and the supporting vehicle in all situations, facilitating the execution of critical missions. The operating device carried by the users (WPCU) enables wireless communication with the vehicle's crew, dismounted persons from the vehicle, and radios connected to the vehicle's intercom system. The users can also connect personal radios to their operating device, enabling control of numerous different situations. The user can effortlessly switch and connect to a required radio or voice channel, enabling them to maintain complete focus on their primary task. To safeguard the troops, the system operates at low power making it hard to be detected. Complete radio silence is achieved by simply turning off the base station, without the need to turn off user devices. The wireless connection is strongly protected and encrypted, making eavesdropping very challenging, if not virtually impossible. Key benefits of the Savox IMPW wireless intercom system:

  • Wireless range up to 300m LOS

  • Maximum users per base station: 10

  • AES-256 Encryption

  • Full-Duplex and PTT mode

  • Less than 50ms latency

  • Approx. 30h battery time

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