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SCOUT and LEOcloud collaborate to deliver the next generation of space domain awareness services

SCOUT Inc., a company developing next-generation space safety of flight and autonomous proximity operations services, and LEOcloud Inc., a company offering a scalable space-based, multi-cloud Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) announced today they have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to work jointly to enhance space operations safety.

The collaboration is focused on integrating SCOUT’s Space Domain Awareness (SDA) product with LEOcloud’s Space Edge IaaS offering. The agreement involves an early demonstration of SCOUT’s solutions operating on LEOcloud’s IaaS.

"This partnership with LEOcloud is mutually beneficial. SCOUT’s on-orbit sensing and analytics capabilities for in-space events and objects provide at-scale, unparalleled transparency on space operations, and widespread spaceflight safety enhancements. Joining forces with LEOcloud’s IaaS and their signature Space Edge hybrid cloud services to enable the lowest latency for AI and predictive analytics deployed in orbit, driving competitive and operational advantage for commercial, government, and military organizations,” noted Eric Ingram, Co-founder, and CEO of SCOUT. “We look forward to providing cutting edge SDA solutions and services to select customers as a result of this partnership”.

“LEOcloud’s Space Edge mission and strategy is to bring hybrid cloud edge computing services to LEO and beyond. End users can then operate their R&D, business, or mission-critical services or applications in a seamless hybrid cloud environment, and realize the lowest latency possible for conversion of data from raw to deep actionable insights. The combination of LEOcloud’s IaaS with space-based sensing services provided by SCOUT presents a compelling value proposition,” added Dennis Gatens, Founder & CEO of LEOcloud.


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