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SCOUT CEO, Eric Ingram Appointed to the Advisory Committee on Commercial Remote Sensing (ACCRES)

Image Credit: Al Powers, ZeroG Corporation

Founder and CEO of SCOUT, Eric Ingram, will serve on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Advisory Committee on Commercial Remote Sensing (ACCRES) for the next two years.

ACCRES was established by the Secretary of Commerce on May 21, 2002, to provide information, advice, and recommendations to the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere on issues relating to the commercial remote-sensing satellite industry.

With this appointment, Eric will serve as a member of ACCRES, representing the views of SCOUT, Inc., a space tech startup developing orbital products and services to enable a new era of space safety and transparency.

“SCOUT is developing next-generation space traffic management systems and is actively providing space situational awareness services to the space industry, and thus we have a solid understanding of the space policy issues across the government and private sector,” says Ingram, who founded SCOUT in 2019 and serves as the CEO. “I’m looking forward to leveraging my prior regulatory experience at the FAA to assist ACCRES in best supporting the advances in commercial remote sensing, which is so vital to maintaining a safe environment in space.”

Eric previously served as an Aerospace Engineer for the Licensing and Evaluation Division of the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation, where he was the Lead for several licensing teams, and guided the Administration through its massive Part 450 regulatory overhaul. He is also a Board Member for the Space Frontier Foundation, is an Organizing Team Member & Ambassador for Mission: AstroAccess, and is a Board member for 2Gether-International.


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