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Second successful 2021 launch for Spire grows LEMUR CubeSat platform with newly deployed satellites

On April 29 Spire successfully deployed two new satellites into its LEMUR constellation. The satellites bring Spire to 143 total satellites launched, with more than 110 currently in orbit. This is the second launch of 2021 for Spire and 30th launch overall.

The Low Earth Multi-Use Receiver (LEMUR) is Spire’s CubeSat platform used to track maritime, aviation, and weather activity from space. Each satellite is equipped with multiple sensors, capable of capturing data day and night and during extreme weather conditions.

These two satellites expand Spire’s rapidly growing data capture capabilities, strengthening the company's operational capacity to serve its growing global customer base. Spire leverages its constellation to deliver proprietary data, insights, and predictive analytics to its global commercial and government customers through a subscription.

“A successful deployment requires a lot of collaboration between Spire and its partners, and we’re delighted to celebrate another successful step in serving our customers with fresh data and insights,” said Spire CEO, Peter Platzer. “We are committed to reliably serve our customers a little better every day. With this latest deployment we’re better equipped to help organizations across the world confidently and efficiently make decisions that matter with deliberate speed.”

The satellites were named by two key members of the Spire team, one of the “perks” every person working at Spire enjoys. Keith Johnson, VP and General Manager of Federal, named the first “Special K” after a nickname from his two sons. Svante Eriksson, AIS payload captain, named the second “Svante-Amanda” for himself and his wife.

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