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Sidus Space offers spacecraft mission control center for commercial customers

Sidus Space offers spacecraft mission control center for commercial customers

Sidus Space has unveiled its Mission Control Center as an additional revenue stream within the Company’s Space-Based Data Solutions business unit.

Sidus’ products and services are offered through its four business units: Space and Defense Hardware Manufacturing, Satellite Manufacturing and Payload Integration, Space-Based Data Solutions, and AI/ML Products and Services. The MCC presents a unique service offering to monitor and support spacecraft missions and generate additional revenue from commercial customers.

Sidus’ MCC manages space mission operations for the lifecycle of a spacecraft, from launch to mission completion. The Company’s MCC Team has 100% uptime, working 24/7 to monitor every aspect of a mission, from the health and status of the satellite or spacecraft while in orbit, to performing operational tests throughout mission lifecycle. The MCC monitors propulsion, temperature, on-board computers, and payload status and has the capability to identify potential risks, helping ensure the success of each mission.

Additionally, Sidus’ MCC establishes and maintains bidirectional communication with the spacecraft via the Company’s network of ground stations, allowing for the transmittal of data and imagery while on-orbit back to Earth. Sidus’ MCC is scalable to support from one spacecraft to a full constellation of many satellites and is an attractive option for satellite customers that do not have their own mission control capabilities.

“We are excited to offer this capability to commercial customers to provide a much-needed service to the Space ecosystem,” said Carol Craig, CEO. “This specialized service adds another revenue stream to our heritage-based space capabilities which will result in added value for our shareholders.”


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