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Sidus Space successfully completes contract to deliver onboard computing flight hardware

Sidus Space announced the successful completion of its contract to deliver critical flight hardware to a prominent European space company. The delivered hardware includes the FeatherEdge edge computing units, which will serve as the on-board computer for the customer's spacecraft.

The FeatherEdge flight units provided by Sidus Space play a pivotal role in facilitating communication between peripheral hardware on the satellite bus. Additionally, they serve as a robust data handling platform connected to an Earth Observing sensor onboard the satellite. This cutting-edge technology will enable the spacecraft to efficiently process and transmit data while in orbit.

"We are pleased to have delivered the FeatherEdge flight hardware to our European partner," said Jeremy Allam, Vice President of AI Products at Sidus Space. "This demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality solutions for the space industry's evolving needs. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with partners worldwide to advance space exploration and satellite technology."

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