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Space Foundation to present New Generation Space Leaders panel: ‘Space and Systems Change’

Space Foundation, a nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983 for the global space ecosystem, will host a virtual program as part of its New Generation Space Leaders series, focusing on how space innovation enables us to view Earth as a complex system that can address global challenges such as climate change, poverty and access to education.

The event is hosted by Symposium 365, the premier source for media and events in the global space ecosystem, offering authoritative news and information and venues for networking and conducting business.

Event: New Generation Space Leaders Series: Space and Systems Change

Earth is a complex system, and it’s the largest system that humanity can impact. This panel will discuss how utilizing space can allow us to facilitate greater systems change on our home planet.

Date: Wednesday, June 30, 1:00 p.m. ET


  • Frank White – Author, Space Philosopher, Consultant

  • Christine Tan – Cofounder, Systems Living Labs

  • Dr. Lynette Shaw – Systems Change Expert, University of Michigan

  • Moderator: Rachel Lyons – Executive Director, Space for Humanity

Venue: Symposium 365

Admission: Open to Symposium 365 subscribers