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Space Leasing International enters new lease agreement with RBC Signals

RBC Signals ground station in Deadhorse, Alaska - leased by SLI
RBC Signals ground station in Deadhorse, Alaska - leased by SLI

Space Leasing International (SLI) has signed a new lease agreement with RBC Signals, the leading global provider of satellite data communication products and services. The agreement includes SLI’s purchase of a ground station in Piteå, Sweden, which will be leased to RBC Signals and incorporated into its network of over 80 antennas around the world.

The transaction represents a new milestone for SLI, an aerospace subsidiary of Libra Group and the world’s first space leasing company dedicated to the full spectrum of space assets. Further fulfilling the company’s original commitment to RBC Signals to invest and lease back 20 ground stations around the world, the agreement underscores SLI’s dedication to providing essential infrastructure and resources to support the expansion and advancement of the space industry.

“This agreement is another testament of our commitment to work closely with manufacturers and operators,” said SLI CEO Alejandro Kerschen. “As space exploration and satellite technology continue to evolve at a rapid pace, collaborations like the one between SLI and RBC Signals play a vital role in accelerating innovation and driving progress within the industry. Together, we are poised to shape the future of space-based communication and unlock new opportunities for exploration and discovery.”

Since SLI’s launch in June 2023, it has developed a strong pipeline of transactions both in the ground segment and in orbit (satellites and in-orbit services). The partnership between SLI and RBC Signals exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic alliances to drive advancements within the space ecosystem.

By leveraging SLI’s comprehensive leasing solutions and the newly acquired ground station, RBC Signals can expand its operations and deliver innovative satellite communication services to customers worldwide while optimising operational efficiency and scalability.

“We are excited to partner with SLI to access the critical infrastructure necessary for expanding our global network,” said RBC Signals CEO Ron Faith. “This agreement further strengthens our partnership and enhances our ability to serve our customers. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with SLI to drive innovation and progress within the space industry.”

SLI builds on Libra Group’s strong track record within its transport subsidiaries, including aviation and maritime. The company has more than 45 years of leasing experience in acquiring and maintaining high-value capital assets across multiple industries and over $15 billion in international transactions across transportation sectors in the last 15 years. By applying Libra Group’s proven leasing model used within its aviation and maritime subsidiaries, SLI is positioned to support and accelerate the space industry by bridging the divide between manufacturers and operators of space assets.

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