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Speedcast names board member Andres Angelani as Digital Transformation Officer

Speedcast CEO Joe Spytek announced the appointment of Board member Andres Angelani as Digital Transformation Officer for the company, charging Angelani with the acceleration of the company’s software-defined, multi-path growth strategy. The strategy builds on the success of Speedcast’s SIGMA network management platform, which integrates traditional connectivity paths with new communication options, including Starlink and OneWeb, while layering on value-added services.

“New technologies are coming to market faster and we’re seeing increased expectations and requirements for what customers want to achieve, wherever they’re operating in the world. Our ability to deliver a comprehensive network management platform that bridges the future of networking with satellite aware SD-WAN, over-the-air upgrade features, and edge applications is what sets us apart in today’s changing environment,” Spytek said. “Accelerating our software-defined services on the back of our network management capabilities enables us to expand our offering across the value chain to meet our customers’ needs, while also entering new markets to grow our customer base through this company-wide initiative.”

Angelani’s work will build on the evolution of the SIGMA platform, in which he has already played a pivotal role, to further enhance the cloud-based solution that manages access to Speedcast’s global networks across VSAT, L-band and 4G/LTE. At the core of the SIGMA platform, is Speedcast’s enterprise-grade SD-WAN, delivering an integrated and cost-effective network solution to connect remote sites to offices, data centers and cloud services. The platform’s industry leading network optimization and intelligent path selection helps to boost continuous application performance, improving operational productivity and user experience. Load balancing policies, link prioritization and monitoring, coupled with application steering, drive seamless traffic direction to harness the benefits of the of LEO, MEO, GEO, Cellular and Fiber of today, as well as new constellations and technologies of tomorrow.

“SIGMA provides users with a single, seamless experience and the unique ability to manage their complete connectivity in one place while running virtual machines on-network for better application performance,” Angelani said. “Adding to the flexible core platform, the Speedcast development team is working to expand the applications delivered on SIGMA, which can all be done over the air thanks to the latest system architecture design.”

Applications focused on passenger and crew experience for example, will deliver added value to both customers and end users, while others, such as remote access and Out of Band Management (OBM) tools will facilitate secure remote IT operations and support.

“We’re prioritizing new services based on direct customer co-development. The discovery process has helped to ensure we’re delivering applications that help to accelerate customer operations, all on a trusted platform that delivers best in class network agility, security, Cloud Edge, and much more,” Angelani concluded.

Speedcast announced plans for the new SIGMA architecture in March, focused on making connectivity path management and network control simpler, faster, and more economical than ever before. Since then, the company publicized customers including Hurtigruten, Lindblad and the Australian Antarctic Division all benefiting from enhanced hybrid solutions based on Speedcast’s upgraded SD-WAN and network management services.

Angelani joined the Speedcast Board in July 2022. The former Global Head of the Digital Engineering Practice at Cognizant, he has more than 20 years of experience in product engineering, technology, software, and R&D, and is the author of The Never-Ending Digital Journey, focused on building successful user experiences, and Transforming While Performing, which guides readers in creating a culture of digital innovation.


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