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SpyMeSat announces web availability, expanding access to personal satellite imagery insights

SpyMeSat, Orbit Logic’s award-winning mobile app for satellite imagery access and overflight awareness, is now available through a web-based browser interface.

SpyMeSat Web provides the same capabilities as the mobile app. Users can seamlessly transition between mobile and web platforms using the same account to browse, preview, manage, and purchase the most recent and highest resolution commercial satellite imagery of anylocation.

SpyMeSat and SpyMeSat Web offer flexible à la carte purchasing of satellite imagery, allowing users to bypass complicated contracting with satellite operators and hefty minimum order requirements. The marketplace is free to browse, features clear and transparent pricing, and is instantly available after sign-up, giving users access to a growing number of commercial imagery archives featuring industry leaders such as Planet and Maxar.

In addition to the public SpyMeSat deployments, Orbit Logic also develops custom applications in support of specific missions. Examples of bespoke SpyMeSat deployments include government-user focused applications and applications providing awareness of satellite communications opportunities for contact scheduling, data transfer, and command uplink.

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