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ST Engineering iDirect and AITELECOM/APCO expand strategic satellite partnership

ST Engineering iDirect and AITELECOM/APCO are expanding their partnership to deploy new cutting-edge technology on the SES 17 network, increasing connectivity services throughout Latin America.

Together, the companies have deployed ST Engineering iDirect’s flexible and scalable Dialog multiservice satellite communications platform with hundreds of operational sites deploying its MDM3310 modems across two high throughput satellite (HTS) ka-band beams. Such platforms take advantage of the high packets per second processing capabilities specifically designed for 4G/5G mobile backhaul applications.

Advancing on this success, AITELECOM/APCO is continuing to work with ST Engineering iDirect as it looks to expand to additional HTS beams on the SES 17 network.  The update will further roll out ST Engineering iDirect’s award-winning Mx-DMA® MRC waveform with intelligent automation, which has been a key component in enabling AITELECOM/APCO to deliver critical connectivity for 4G cellular backhaul and enterprise services.

Commenting on the partnership, Orlando Castillo, Chief Executive Officer of AITELECOM/APCO, said, “The high efficiency of ST Engineering iDirect’s solutions, combined with the expertise and experience of the AITELECOM/APCO integration and operational processes, have been extremely beneficial in the growth of our 4G networks, bringing cost-effective communication services to people in the most rural towns in the southwest of Mexico. We partnered with ST Engineering iDirect as we were impressed by the team’s ability to provide a comprehensive turnkey and managed-services solution under an innovative long-term scheme. We’ve found deployment to be very quick and efficient, with excellent technical support and project planning. Above all, we’re seeing very strong network performance with exceptional bit/hertz efficiencies.”

Diego Casquero, Regional Vice President, Latin America at ST Engineering iDirect, said, “Supporting our customers’ growth and expansion is a key priority for us - with AITELECOM/APCO, we provided a tailored technical support and deployment strategy to ensure comprehensive network availability and service delivery. The scalable nature of our technology and the availability and capability of our support team are essential requirements to fulfil AITELECOM/APCO’s vision. Our Mx-DMA MRC technology has helped AITELECOM/APCO simplify its operations by sharing capacity seamlessly and very efficiently among its user terminals, satisfying the most demanding throughput requirements presented by both its MNO and enterprise customers.”

The demand for cellular backhaul services across Mexico has seen a major surge in recent years. In 2022, more than 74 percent of mobile phone users in Mexico accessed the internet through their mobile phone. By 2027, it is projected that this will rise to around 88 percent. To continue delivering the best connectivity performance to its customers in Mexico and across Latin America, AITELECOM/APCO is forging close collaborations with best-in-breed technology partners championing innovation.

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