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STN in partnership with the University of Ljubljana takes first prize

STN in partnership with the University of Ljubljana takes first prize

In the first ever WTA (World Teleport Association) Green Teleport program, the 1st Prize has been won by the University of Ljubljana in partnership with STN teleport, Slovenia.

The Green Teleport Program, in its first year, encouraged teleport operators to collaborate with engineering departments from nearby universities and technical schools. This initiative aimed to involve student teams in developing projects that focus on energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies.


Having been part of the initial stages of this concept while sitting on the WTA board, Mitja Lovsin, CEO of STN, immediately recognised the positive potential of this important initiative. Having had a long-standing internship relationship with the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the company reached out and presented the opportunity for student involvement. It was received with great eagerness and incited a speedy start for all involved. Two students from the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering and six students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering took part in the student team and shared knowledge in the fields of geodesy and geoinformatics, electronics, photovoltaics, telecommunications, satellite communications and, last but not least, ICT.


The project kickstarted with a tour of the STN teleport for the students and their mentors from the university. This was led by Andraz Pavliha and Grega Blatnik , IT and Systems Engineers briefing them on its current energy requirements, costs, and existing measures to reduce energy use and GHG emissions. Armed with this knowledge, the students researched and proposed various innovative solutions.

“The level of enthusiasm and motivation for knowledge from the students on this project was amazing, and it was a pleasure to meet with them regularly to answer questions and provide support for the completion of their concepts,” commented Andraz - Lead Mentor from STN.

The students examined innovative approaches and technologies aimed at minimizing the environmental footprint and optimizing the operational efficiency of the STN satellite teleport. Their end proposals included a plan for self-sufficient cooling systems powered by solar energy, satellite tracking improvements, and a Global Network of Teleports concept. They also presented expected costs and potential ROI.


Assoc. Prof. Bostjan Batagelj and Vice Dean for Research at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, has been a key contact and a collaborator with STN for over a decade on student projects. He added, “Together, with STN we have introduced and encouraged interest in the satellite, communications, and space industries, opening doors for students to learn about these fields and their potential futures within them.” This "Sustainability Teleport" project is an excellent example of the interdisciplinary integration of students and mentors from different departments to achieve a common goal - a green satellite industry, explains Prof. Batagelj enthusiastically. “We are witnessing a beautiful example of interdisciplinary cooperation in satellite communications, which is key to the development of the modern information and communication society”, he adds.


Robert Bell, Executive Director of the WTA, highlighted the significance of the Green Teleport Program, stating, “The review Board for the Green Teleport Program entries was very complimentary about the ideas presented and hoped that the relationship forged in this project will benefit both the company and the students involved. We are preparing for our next competition and hope for increased participation and interest.”


It is imperative that we drive new initiatives and create more awareness about making all businesses more environmentally friendly, introducing the future of sustainable practices now.


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