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Tata Sky expands its DataMiner System to further ensure full end-to-end orchestration and monitoring

Skyline Communications, the global leader in AI-powered multi-vendor network management and orchestration software for ICT media and broadband solutions, announces an expansion of their award-winning DataMiner platform at Tata Sky India. DataMiner continues to fully manage Tata Sky’s direct-to-home (DTH) operations, but now across an even wider scale of data sources.

Tata Sky, headquartered in Mumbai, is India’s leading content distributor and Pay TV platform. The company aims to transform Indian home entertainment by empowering television viewers with choice, control and convenience.

As it facilitates fast service deployment at a relatively low price and with a high degree of service availability, satellite direct-to-home distribution is by far the industry’s favorite to broadcast services. However, service quality and availability are tied together with the quality and availability of the uplink, which makes a high standard for the latter all the more important.

“With DataMiner in place, we already benefited from maximum uptime, reliability and scalability. We’ve recently expanded our operations, and of course we wanted to continue to uphold the highest standards and leverage a best-of-breed infrastructure. That’s why it was only natural to also expand our DataMiner System, so we can keep ensuring the best possible quality for our customers,” said a Tata Sky spokesperson.

“We are very pleased with the expansion at Tata Sky,” said Pramod Gupta, Regional Account Manager - South Asia & Middle East, at Skyline Communications. “It proves once again the future-proof nature of our AI-powered DataMiner platform. If our customers deploy the DataMiner System today, they can be sure that it will be able to interface with any data source or system from any vendor in the future and with runtime expansion. And that’s of strategic importance to any business that wants to be successful in today’s complex and dynamic broadband and media world,” Pramod Gupta added.

DataMiner has a proven track record in the industry and has been deployed by the vast majority of DTH, satellite and service providers worldwide. The AI-powered platform manages any type of data source, from any vendor, using any protocol, without compromises.


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