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The French space agency (CNES) selects Exotrail to optimise mega constellation operations

In February 2022, following a competitive tender process, CNES selected Exotrail to complete a research and technology study to optimise the operations of mega constellations.

The study will focus on mid and low earth orbit where thousands of satellites are soon expected to be operational and propelled by electric propulsion. It will determine the best operational procedures to implement in mega constellation’s flight dynamic system including station keeping and collision avoidance – two critical operations.

Ultimately, Exotrail will design and build algorithms able to optimise and automate mega constellation operations, improving efficiency and reducing human error.

Sébastien Duménil, Chief Commercial Officer commented on the study: “We are very proud to have been selected by CNES for this mega constellation operations optimisation study. Exotrail’s experts will leverage our core capabilities in flight dynamics and electric propulsion, key building blocks of our ExoOPS™ software suite, dedicated to mission simulation and constellation operations.”

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