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Vivaro Media launches FLOW to give broadcasters ‘click-to-content’ access to live sporting events

Vivaro Media launches FLOW to give broadcasters ‘click-to-content’ access to live sporting events

Content providers now have a new way to distribute their content globally to multiple rights-holder broadcasters at the same time. Content consumers can easily use a drag and drop interface that allows them to configure and control the technical aspects of live video distribution. The platform enables broadcasters to schedule live events in a simple workflow and select the technical preferences in which they would like to receive the signals. The automated platform puts users in control of their live transmissions and brings a user-centric approach to the broadcast and media industry. All Vivaro customers will have access to FLOW and can procure live content from across the globe 24/7.

“FLOW has been developed to offer a friction-free experience and empower content consumers to have full control of their live transmissions by eliminating emails and calls to create a booking. This is a massive breakthrough for the industry. We’ve made procuring and managing live content as simple and convenient as booking a hotel room or buying an airplane ticket online,” said Daniel Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer at Vivaro Media. “FLOW provides a central digital hub for sports federations, sports marketing agencies and producers to distribute live video content. At the same time, broadcasters can move quickly to deliver on-demand content and serve local audiences.”

With FLOW, content providers can quickly and easily distribute live video events to content consumers over fiber and public internet, with added reliability, security, and cost-efficiency. The platform has been built as a high-availability application with no single point of failure. It has multiple layers of redundancy that ensure maximum uptime. FLOW has been integrated into Vivaro’s international Video Network with 24/7/365 monitoring via its global Network Management Center.

“FLOW is scalable and resilient. The platform is ready to grow with more content providers and broadcasters signing up and experiencing a new way to distribute live events. FLOW is disrupting legacy procurement models, giving broadcasters greater choice, while creating new monetization opportunities,” said Carlos Jurado, Sr Director, Sales Engineering & Operations at Vivaro Media. “FLOW makes the future of live broadcasting simple and seamless.”

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