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VRIF publishes its first version of industry guidelines for volumetric video streaming

The Virtual Reality Industry Forum (VRIF) has announced the publication of the first draft for public review of its Industry Guidelines for Volumetric Video Streaming. These guidelines are the first of its kind to cover volumetric video streaming from an end-to-end perspective, focusing on aspects such as production, distribution, and consumption of volumetric video assets. In particular, the guidelines address:

  • Volumetric video production workflows for meshes and point clouds

  • A survey of most common volumetric capture systems

  • A media profile standard for distribution using Video Point Cloud Compression (V-PCC)

“Volumetric video production is a great tool to create compelling realistic immersive experiences that can be consumed in a variety of devices (flat screens, AR glasses and VR headsets), however, its main challenge for wider adoption has been the lack of standardized distribution media formats. With the VRIF Volumetric Video Guidelines, we hope to see an increase to the adoption of these services and improve interoperability among service providers,” says Mauricio Aracena, VRIF President and standardization manager from Ericsson.

“The guidelines are available for public review at: the VRIF website and we welcome feedback to improve the quality of the document,” says Mr. Aracena.

The final release of Volumetric Video Guidelines 1.0 will be published at the beginning of 2022.

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