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XipLink announces LEO enhancement features for multi-orbit networks

XipLink announces LEO enhancement features for multi-orbit networks

XipLink has announced new features to further enhance its industry leading XipOS SD-WAN functionality. All new features apply to multi-orbit networks but have been developed for specific needs in the LEO segment as follows:

  • Selective Stream Duplication ensures robust delivery of specific applications by duplicating all packets for a given stream, directing them to multiple paths while choosing the first to arrive at destination. This allows critical traffic, such as signaling for cellular backhaul or higher authority voice traffic in military, to pass more reliably over Internet and limited QoS networks.

  • Dynamic Link Estimation algorithm, which has been available from XipLink for many years providing optimal throughout in changing conditions such as mobility and high ACM applications, has improved traffic management features for LEO allowing a more accurate path selection with precise bandwidth measurement regardless of which modems are in use.

  • Advanced Buffer Management for LEO networks dramatically improves application performance over low orbit links with varying service quality. Deeper buffer management also provides satellite handover mitigation over LEO services resulting in outstanding user experience at the highest link utilization.

“We are pleased to announce the addition of new features to further enhance XipOS capabilities to improve performance of applications over highly dynamic LEO services” said Karim-Eric Fodil-Lemelin, XipLink’s Senior Vice President of Engineering. “These enhancements enable our customers to address challenges faced in supporting certain applications requiring consistency of service, enabling them to harness the full potential of XipLink's multi-orbit capabilities.”

XipOS delivers an improved end user Quality of Experience while addressing several challenges in the satellite, cellular and wireless markets including offloading modems from high session counts, aiding performance for high latency connections with GEO satellites, providing consistent cellular data services and utilizing available bandwidth at the highest possible capacity. XipOS software also offers hybrid aggregation of GEO, MEO, LEO & terrestrial connections to provide future-proofed enhanced services including security and increased bandwidth scaling for a seamless multi-orbit SD-WAN solution.


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