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Yahsat to demonstrate space technologies’ critical role in empowering climate solutions during COP28

Al Yah Satellite Communications Company will present its innovative space technologies at the upcoming COP28 in Dubai which are designed to address the challenges of global climate change.

The company is already working closely with various UAE government entities and international organisations, including the United Nations. It remains actively committed to providing advanced, affordable, resilient, and reliable solutions that will address the challenges of global climate change. Yahsat’s satellite capabilities are crucial in offering practical climate tech solutions that align with COP28's focal areas and objectives.

Yahsat’s Strong Presence at COP28

  • Yahsat will represent the UAE Space sector at the UAE Space Agency Pavilion, demonstrating its cutting-edge climate tech solutions.

  • Yahsat is organizing two high-level sessions in the Tech & Innovation Hub on the ‘Nature, Land Use and Oceans’ thematic day. This will include a panel discussion on the "Role of Technology to Support Ocean Biodiversity and Safety of Fishermen Communities”. Yahsat will also lead a knowledge-sharing session on "Empowering at-risk and Indigenous Communities through Capability Building and Technology for Climate Adaptation and Mitigation”.

  • Yahsat will also participate in the Blue Zone panel entitled, “Digital Connectivity and Technologies for Early Warnings for All Initiative”, focusing on Direct-to-Device (D2D) technologies for early warning systems.

  • In addition, Yahsat will participate in a panel discussion named, “Collapsing Time and Space: Technology and Climate Smart Disaster Response” at the Mubadala Pavilion, where the company will also share its technologically advanced satellite solutions providing telemedicine and digital learning support for communities in remote locations.

Ali Al Hashemi, Group Chief Executive Officer of Yahsat, said: “As an Emirati company with a fleet of 5 satellites reaching more than 80% of the world's population, Yahsat is proud to participate in COP28, hosted in the UAE for the first time. COP28 is a significant opportunity to demonstrate space technologies’ critical role in developing climate solutions for the country, the region, and the world. We are already playing an important role in providing state-of-the-art climate focused technology to mitigate the impact of climate change or adapt for climate resiliency.”

Yahsat is proud to be one of the first 21 UAE companies pledging support for the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment’s strategic initiative – the UAE Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge. The company is committed to measuring and disclosing its emissions, developing plans to reduce its carbon footprint, and implementing a decarbonization pathway to support the UAE Net Zero 2050 Strategic Initiative.

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