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Zero-Error Systems (ZES) partners with Antaris to bring Ultra Reliability Electronics to Space

Zero Error Systems (ZES), a space startup based in Singapore offering innovative solutions for high reliability radiation hardening by design power reliability and data integrity solutions, and Antaris, a space startup based in Silicon Valley that provides software-defined satellite platform in software-as-a-service business model, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on the flight of ZES proprietary technology, as a part of Antaris’ Tech Demonstrator mission to Low Earth Orbit launching in Q3 2022.

This mission will provide an opportunity for Antaris to test its ground-breaking Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for next-gen satellite systems. The microservices based platform with digital engineering and digital twinning capabilities with spacecraft on orbit enables truly agile satellite design, build and management.

In turn, this mission will provide Zero-Error Systems (ZES) further flight legacy and proof of its technology for the radiation protection of Commercial-off-the-Shelves (COTS) semiconductor solutions in space. ZES observed more satellite makers are using COTS to achieve higher functionalities and lower cost, which the conventional radiation hardened by process solutions are not able to address.

These COTS solutions do not thrive in space as they will suffer from Single Event Latchup (SEL – a type of short circuit) and Single Event Upset (SEU – a type of data corruption) when heavy ion strikes. ZES closes the gap by protecting COTS semiconductor devices from power reliability and data integrity issues with our patented radiation hardening by design technologies. With the right radiation protection, these COTS-based satellites survive longer in space and hence service providers can gain better return of investments from their launches.

Speaking at the signing of the MOU, co-founder and Chief Product and Revenue Officer of Antaris, Mr. Shankar Sivaprakasam, said “With the proliferation of smallsat constellations and more and more adoption of COTS components, we see the need for radiation protection becoming a norm than an exception. Just as quality should not be an afterthought, rad-hard should not be either.

However, rad-hard can be beyond the reach of many low-cost satellite and constellation operators. We see ZES solving the technical and the cost issues associated with rad-hard. We are delighted to be partnering with the company to space qualify their total solution so that it is available on the Antaris trusted marketplace, ready to be integrated with the Antaris’ software-defined satellite platform.”

“Fast and affordable radiation hardening, and reliable and efficient Power Management, are absolute key enablers, as the space industry is intensifying the race for getting more applications and sophisticated technology to space. ZES technology is ground breaking and allows companies to select almost any COTS in the market, enabling them to focus on the best solution for their mission and business case, rather than spending time on selecting from a few COTS.”, said Mr. Carsten Drachmann, CEO at Zero Error Systems.

He continuous; “What ZES is offering is technology with a design philosophy, whereby thinking radiation readiness upfront, will enable speed and freedom in design and implementation, both for experienced satellite and payload builders, as well as New Space companies. Outside of protecting FPGAs or ASICs, the ZES solutions are also ideal when it comes to Edge Computing and Data Storage in Space. We are looking forward to adding additional flight legacies to our technology together with Antaris and its innovative SaaS approach to launching solutions in space. I believe that we have a shared goal; Let’s make it easier and faster to get into space, without compromising reliability and functionality.”

Ms. Hwai Lin Khor, VP of Business Development & Strategy at ZES, adds; “We are proud to be part Singapore Space Industry on the global stage. ZES is the first Asia start up to build radiation hardened by design semiconductor solutions. ZES essentially supports two strategic industries in Singapore: space and semiconductor. We look forward to reaching more global customers through Antaris platform."


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